FFT Aura LR detects and locates intrusions and Third Party Interference anywhere along thousands of kilometres of buried pipeline, in real-time, before damage occurs.

FFT Aura LR uses a standard fibre optic cable as the sensor and can often use existing fibre optic communications cable as the sensor, dramatically reducing the installation cost and time, yet still detect and locate an intrusion to within 10 metres on FFT approved installations, regardless of the pipeline length.

The advanced signal processing in FFT’s pipeline security solutions prevent nuisance alarms, whilst maintaining maximum sensitivity to legitimate interference events.

  • High risk oil, gas, chemical and water pipelines
  • Underground power
  • Provides valuable real-time early warning of TPI activities
  • Single channel detection
  • A single pipeline security system protects up to 40km (25 miles) of sensor cable length
  • Locate intrusions to 10 metres on FFT approved installations
  • Early warning of activities before the pipeline is damaged
  • No electronics or power in the field
  • Intrinsically safe