Future Fibre Technologies is the leader in fibre optic based security systems

Since 1994 FFT has been involved in the development and manufacture of fibre optic based sensing systems for security applications. Our products are designed to protect perimeters, country borders, pipelines and data/communications networks from intrusion, excavation, theft, terrorism or espionage activities.

With hundreds of high security sites around the world, FFTs products have been tested by some of the world’s leading independent test authorities for use in Military, Government, Energy, Transport, Industrial and many other applications.

FFT’s fibre optic based systems deliver performance levels and cost advantages unavailable with other sensing technologies. With numerous international patents, FFT’s technology is unique and proven.


Long range – A single controller can protect up to 80km (50 miles) of sensor cable.

Event location – Pinpoints the location of intrusion attempts.

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Analysis – Maximises discrimination between intrusions and environmental nuisance sources including wind, rain, traffic, machinery and aircraft.

Lowest installed cost – There is no requirement for power or electronics in the field.

Safety and reliability – Intrinsic safety, immunity to EMI, RFI and lightning strikes.

Integration – Our CAMS software provides seamless connectivity to third party systems and equipment.


All systems provided by FFT come with a comprehensive two-year warranty, are virtually maintenance-free, and all field components are passive. All active devices are housed in operational rooms with appropriate environmental and security controls.

FFT provides commissioning services to support customer installations and has partners located worldwide to undertake a range of support services to customers.

Service and support is available globally from FFT international offices located in the USA, UK, Australia and the Middle East.

Service and support packages can be customised to meet specific client requirements.