Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) manufactures a complete portfolio of fibre optic intrusion detection and location products for a wide range of applications that are, quite simply, the world’s most effective answer to securing high value assets and critical infrastructure.

Deployed by some of the most security conscious industrial, military and government organisations in the world, FFT’s advanced applications include:

  • Perimeter intrusion detection (fence mounted and covert buried)
  • Data network tapping and tampering detection
  • Oil and gas pipeline third party interference (TPI)
  • Other applications including health and safety and traffic monitoring

FFT has more than 1,900+ systems installed in 69+ countries, supporting a wide range of customers.

An Ava Group Company

The Ava Group is a market leader of risk management services and technologies, trusted by some of the most security conscious commercial, industrial, military and government clients in the world.

The Group features a range of complementary solutions including intrusion detection and location for perimeters, pipelines and data networks, access control and locking solutions as well as secure international logistics, storage of high value assets and risk consultancy services. Through decades of innovation, the Ava Group continues to build upon a comprehensive portfolio of premium services and technologies for the most complex and demanding markets.

Our business truly serves a global market, with our knowledgeable team spread across six continents, providing market and industry expertise directly to customers. With thousands of sites protected, the Ava Group is proven to deliver first class services and technologies that surpass the expectations of our partners and end users.

To learn more, visit: www.theavagroup.com


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  • Incorporate ISO9001 standards into all our processes and products
  • Exceed customer’s expectations
  • Integrity – true to our word
  • Generate and conduct business in a legal, moral, and ethical manner
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