With an FFT Aura SR system, you can detect intrusions on most types of fences and it can be covertly buried in the ground across open areas to detect footsteps or a combination of both with the one system.

FFT Aura SR is a high sensitivity fibre optic perimeter security system, deployed across some of the world’s highest security military, intelligence agency, power and petrochemical sites. FFT Aura is sensitive enough to detect and accurately locate intrusions for a wide range of fence types, as well as to detect walking and crawling intruders when used as a covert buried sensing system. FFT Aura is also used to detect and locate intrusions along buried pipeline assets and in data cable networks, and can cater for critical sites demanding hardened solutions that require cut resilience and continued operation in the event of a damaged or cut sensor cable.


Some of the current applications & clients using FFT’s perimeter intrusion detection systems include:

  • Military bases
  • Government facilities
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Open areas
  • Buried assets
  • Data cable infrastructure

FFT Aura SR sets the standard for detection sensitivity and resilience. Some of the features include:

  • Locates intrusion to within 6m (20ft)
  • Single system for fence and covert buried detection
  • Single channel detection
  • Maximum fiber optic sensor length of 18km(11.2 miles)
  • No electronics or power in the field
  • Sensor cable cut resilience
  • Two year warranty
  • Immune to EMI, RFI & lightning


High Resilience Perimeter Security


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