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  1. New integration for FFT CAMS

    Future Fibre Technologies is pleased to announce the integration of FFT CAMS with Axis Communications’ Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera.

  2. Real World DAS Sensing – Distance vs Fibre Attenuation

    FFT Aura Ai-2 consistently leads the industry in reliable long distance detection due to innovative design and engineering.  For long distance buried fibre applications, where lower acoustic frequencies are of…

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  3. FFT appoints North America Energy Sales Manager

    Building on FFT’s success in the protection of critical energy infrastructure, including Nuclear, Solar and Thermal Power Plants and associated critical distribution assets we are pleased to announce…

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  4. FFT setting new standards in reliability and performance

    FFT Aura-Ai2 reliability, as measured from 100’s of installations globally, is currently achieving a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) that is 2-3 times better than the…

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  5. FFT celebrates 18 years of innovation in the protection of critical Data Networks

    Since developing and deploying the World’s First long range anti-intrusion, anti-attack, physical Data Network sensing solution 18 years ago, FFT has continued to provide Data Network protection…

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  6. FFT Aura Ai-2 listed in Australian Defence Sales Catalogue

    FFT Aura Ai-2 has been listed in the fifth edition of the Australian Defence Sales Catalogue showcases some of Australia’s leading-edge products, technologies and services…

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  7. Videonetics announces technology integration with Future Fibre Technologies

    Videonetics, the world’s first AI & DL powered Unified Video Computing Platform (UVCP™) announces the integration of its Intelligent VMS 3.0 with Perimeter Intrusion Detection…

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  8. FFT Secure Point protecting 85 substations in India

    FFT Secure Point’s reliability and high performance has been proven across 85 power substations located in India, with the customer releasing final performance certificates for…

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  9. FFT Secure Fence to monitor water utility perimeter

    FFT was recently awarded a contract to monitor a new 3km anti-climb perimeter fence at the water reclamation plant in South East Asia. The customer needed to upgrade an existing perimeter intrusion detection solution to comply with strict new government security requirements for critical infrastructure protection.

  10. Major rail operator signs multi-year support agreement

    A major railway operator, and long term customer, had always valued FFT’s exceptional system reliability and technical support capability. As part of a major review of its critical assets and potential threats, the customer decided to further enhance and ensure the ongoing performance of security infrastructure into the future.