Ava Group demonstrates it’s strong commitment to data security by establishing our very own Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CCoE). Our CCoE’s mission is to ensure a high standard of cybersecurity and that all FFT products are subjected to rigorous and continuous testing during development and their entire lifespan to ensure there are no weaknesses in the product that could compromise an organisation’s security credentials.

Ava Group has developed a market-leading testing, verification and lifecycle program, based upon the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, and combined with the 2900 Cybersecurity Standards of the globally-recognised independent testing organisation Underwriter Laboratories (UL). The implementation of these well-known and verifiable standards ensures that customers can trust and have confidence in the cybersecurity profile of FFT products.

Robust cybersecurity hardening is not a one-time test or one-off event. Patches, updates, and the ever-changing threat environment require ongoing testing and validation. Our products are continually tested throughout the development lifecycle, and in response to emerging threats. Our regular releases of security patches are key to ensuring that the systems we support are optimally prepared for potential cyber attacks. Our CCoE offers customers access to market-leading security configuration information, product-specific hardening guides, and validated testing reports. We also offer access to expert advice regarding overall enhancements for the protection of your data network infrastructure as a whole.


No longer can physical or logical security systems be considered adequately protected by isolating them to their own network. Such systems are becoming part of the overall data ecosystem, and must be treated with the same cybersecurity standards as other data network devices. By establishing our CCoE Ava underscores our commitment to providing robust cybersecurity across our technology portfolio. With a long standing, and proven pedigree in data network infrastructure protection through its Data Network Infrastructure Physical Security (DNIPS), and with the addition of our CCoE, Ava Group reinforces an industry-leading attitude to the importance of cybersecurity.