Why Future Fibre Technologies?

Experts in the Field

FFT are specialists in fibre optics, with a product range built on many years of knowledge and experience solely developing superior technology that maximises sensitivity and probability of detection, whilst minimising the probability of nuisance alarms, providing a more reliable solution.

Something to Suit Everyone

With a broad, versatile product portfolio, FFT’s solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications and are effective for both short and long distances.

With each new project comes a set of new and familiar challenges and FFT’s highly skilled team works with their clients to create a complete solution that fits their needs and exceeds their expectations.

A Solution You Can Rely on

FFT’s solutions offer outstanding durability and reliability. The fibre optic cabling is highly resistant to weather and corrosion, is immune to lightning strikes and electro-magnetic interference and requires no power or electronics in the field.

That is why FFT solutions are not only easy to install but also require minimal maintenance, enabling significant savings year on year and lowering the total cost of ownership.


FFT carries full ISO 9001:2008 certification – your guarantee of consistent product quality. FFT systems were originally developed for military applications, and these same products with the same military quality are now available for Commercial and Industrial applications.

The Value Proposition

With no need for power or electronics or control boxes in the field, you can immediately appreciate the savings in infrastructure costs (cabling, trenching, approvals), the increase in field reliability (no field components to fail), and the subsequent reduction in maintenance and life cycle costs.