This European manufacturer of luxury vehicles, trucks and buses required a perimeter intrusion detection solution for its production factory in Turkey. The solution selected needed to meet strict regulations imposed by the company’s German-based headquarters, as well as undergo regular system testing following installation.

With the perimeter fence of the vehicle manufacturer’s production factory measuring approximately 10km, the customer was initially looking for an intrusion detection solution to monitor a 7km section for cutting, climbing and ladder access. However, they also required a system which could quickly and easily be extended to protect the entire perimeter length. The customer also required that the fence mounted solution integrate smoothly with existing software systems on-site.


  • Fence mounted perimeter intrusion detection solution
  • Option to extend perimeter length using existing system
  • Pass stringent and regular system testing
  • Intrinsically safe – no power in the field
  • Immune to RFI/EMI and lightning
  • Integration with existing security management software
  • Ease of installation

Our Solution
FFT Secure Fence was installed to monitor the production factory’s perimeter. Able to protect up to 80km of sensor length, this solution could easily accommodate detection of an extended perimeter length at any time. Following installation of Secure Fence to protect the 7km length of perimeter, the customer decided to monitor an additional 3km – which was achieved in less than one day. FFT also offered a high level of integration with their existing security application.

FFT Advantages
The fact that FFT’s fibre optic intrusion detection solutions require no power in the field was a key factor in the customer selecting Secure Fence over competing copper based system. The competing solution also required additional controllers to be installed to support any future extension to the perimeter length being monitored, where as any expansion of perimeter length for Secure Fence only required additional fibre optic cable to be installed at minimal cost to the customer.

Customer Response
Since the installation of Secure Fence, the customer has been extremely impressed with the reliability and performance of FFT’s intrusion detection technology.