FFT celebrates 18 years of innovation in the protection of critical Data Networks

Since developing and deploying the World’s First long range anti-intrusion, anti-attack, physical Data Network sensing solution 18 years ago, FFT has continued to provide Data Network protection solutions to numerous government agencies, critical utilities, and banking facilities globally.

With global cyber threats increasing, FFT has invested in optimising its solutions and continues to innovate. Its SecureLink technology is now being deployed into the world largest single program for anti-intrusion, anti-attack, Data Network Physical Security and will be protecting over 40,000 kilometres of sensitive data communication cable across an entire country. 

This provides the asset owner with situational awareness and advanced warning of any attempts to interfere with the cable or data, and allows for the early intervention to protect both the cable infrastructure from damage and the sensitive data from loss or interference.

FFT continues to build on its 20 year history in fibre optic sensing, and has advanced sensing platforms for protecting critical assets and assuring operational performance in applications such as –  Pipelines, Data Networks, Power Cables, Perimeter Security, and Condition Monitoring in a variety of applications such as Mining, Power and Transport.