FFT Extends Secure Point Performance

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) is pleased to announce today further performance improvements to their Secure Point perimeter intrusion detection system released in mid 2012.

Rob Broomfield, CEO of FFT says  “I’m excited about the ongoing technical advances made with Secure Point by our product development teams and the potential to extend our solutions into very low power and harsh applications.   Not only have they managed to improve the in-field operating temperature range to better handle unforgiving desert conditions, but they have simultaneously reduced the power consumption for a Secure Point controller to less than 3 watts and increased the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) to 60,000 hours”.

Dr. Jim Katsifolis, CTO of Future Fibre Technologies reinforces these comments, stating “As with all FFT products, we constantly test, review and evaluate their ongoing performance at our test facility.   We saw some opportunities where we could improve the Secure Point performance then spent many months testing and verifying these improvements both at our test site and in real installations.   And the results are impressive.”

These operating temperature range, power and reliability improvements apply to all Secure Point systems shipped this year, and all systems come with FFT’s global 2 year warranty.

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) is the world leader in fiber optic intrusion detection.  They provide a complete family of fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection systems, delivering end-to-end PIDS solutions from the smallest sites through to the largest and most demanding sites across the world.

To discuss your specific protection needs or learn how FFT can solve your perimeter security problems, please contact your nearest FFT office.     www.fftsecurity.com