FFT in High Gear in Corrections Market

FFT has received contracts to provide the perimeter security and intrusion detection at six Louisiana State Department of Public Safety and Corrections facilities, with completion of the project expected by the end of June.    This significant corrections Perimeter Intrusion Detection project is a core part of a $3.2 million dollar security contract awarded to FFT’s partner, MMR Communications of Baton Rouge, LA, which utilizes FFT’s advanced Secure Fence Locator and Secure Zone technologies.

This significant win cements FFT’s position as a key intrusion detection supplier to the state and federal Corrections market.

These installations include the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, a maximum security facility which houses multi-security-level offenders  with population of 2,000 adult men;  the David Wade Correctional Center, a special protection unit holds about 50 inmates of former prison officials, convicted ex-police officers, contract killers, pedophiles, and young people with life sentences;  the Forcht-Wade Correctional Center houses 700 inmates;  the Rayburn Correctional Center covers more than 1,025 acres and houses around 1,000 offenders;  the Phelps Correctional Center;  and the Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP), also known as Angola, and nicknamed the “Alcatraz of the South” – the largest maximum security prison in the United States with 5,000 inmates spread over its 18,000 acres (73 km²).

This was a rush order with tight deadlines and a 60-90 day completion window, requiring everyone at to work closely together to fulfill the delivery requirements and customer needs and expectations.   Special thanks go to FFT’s manufacturing and logistical operations, dispatch staff, and of course the onsite technical guys for their many long hours spent on these prison sites.

These Louisiana contracts come on top of a number of major wins recently by FFT in the U.S. Corrections Market, including state facilities in Texas and California, and a Federal Correctional Institute (FCI).