FFT Integrates with Sony’s 5th Generation IP Cameras

Future Fibre Technologies announced today that it has released the latest camera integration to its world leading fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection systems.    This integration from FFT CAMS™ to Sony’s 5th Generation HD and Full HD cameras delivers a seamless solution for controlling high quality CCTV images when a perimeter intrusion alarm is received.

Dr. Jim Katsifolis, CTO of Future Fibre Technologies says, “We are all very excited about this development because it not only demonstrates the extremely flexible integration capabilities of FFT CAMS™, but also highlights the importance of seamlessly integrating all of the key elements of a security system – including Sony’s ONVIF compliant high definition IP cameras – into a common operating environment.”

Key features of this integration include:

*  Sending cameras to presets when an intruder is detected
*  Displaying the live HD video stream
*  Driving the camera PTZ function
*  Powerful interfacing to a broad range of security management systems through the FFT CAMS™ graphical user interface including intuitive multilingual screens with true client/server configuration, GPS integration and GIS mapping
*  Peace of mind with FFT’s global 24 month warranty backed up by their global network of offices providing after sales support in more than 53 countries.

FFTs family of fiber optic intrusion detection systems deliver the complete range of end-to-end perimeter security solutions from the smallest to the largest and most demanding sites across the world.  FFT continues to work closely with innovative CCTV partners such as Sony to deliver market leading, easy-to-use intrusion detection with seamless high quality video integration.