FFT secures perimeter security contracts for major Middle East international airports

  • New international airport contracts valued over $2 million.
  • Follows recent FFT technology upgrade at European international airport.
  • FFT now protecting international airports in Europe, Middle East and the USA.
  • Airport security concerns continuing to drive demand for perimeter security

Future Fibre Technologies Limited (ASX: FFT), a global leader in fibre optic intrusion detection systems, today announced that it has secured perimeter security contracts for two major international airports in the Middle East – totalling more than $2 million.

FFT Chief Executive Rob Broomfield said: “We are thrilled that FFT’s intrusion detection technology has been selected for this perimeter application. Airport facilities present a range of security challenges due to perimeter length and the variability of environments around the site. As a result, instances of people climbing over, crawling under or driving through perimeter fences and gates protecting airports are not uncommon.”

“A good example of this occurred recently during a FFT technology upgrade at an international airport in Europe. With a perimeter of more than 3kms comprising multiple fence types and gates, Secure Fence has been installed at the site since 2013. During upgrade testing, our technology detected an intrusion on the perimeter fence. Cameras were automatically directed to monitor the situation while security was dispatched to intercept the intruder. It was a great opportunity to see our technology in action.”

About FFT
FFT is a leading developer and manufacturer of fibre optic intrusion detection security systems. Deployed by some of the most security conscious industrial, military and government organisations in the world, FFT’s advanced security systems:

  • detect and locate perimeter intrusions;
  • identify third-party interference on oil and gas pipelines; and
  • protect sensitive data network communications cables.

With hundreds of installations in more than 55 countries, FFT has established a solid reputation for delivering highly intelligent, reliable, and award winning intrusion detection solutions. www.fftsecurity.com