FFT to showcase latest Aura Ai-X technology at ISC West 2023

• Future Fibre Technologies to demonstrate Aura Ai-X and FFT ATLAS.
• New system offers unrivalled performance with exceptional event classification accuracy.
• Aura Ai-X not only gets smarter every year, but is 100% ready, 100% of the time.
• Visit FFT at ISC West 2023. Booth #12121.

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), a world leader in fibre optic sensing technologies, will showcase its latest generation, data driven intrusion detection system with live demonstrations at ISC West 2023.

With unrivalled performance and exceptional event classification accuracy, Aura Ai-X delivers the highest Probability of Detection (POD) with near-zero Nuisance Alarms Rate (NAR), unmatched by any other commercial system.
Validated on more than 10 installations with PODs over 95%, Aura Ai-X is the only FFT system that comes with annual event classification and cyber assurance updates, plus worldwide maintenance and support via the company’s FFT ATLAS subscription service.

Commenting on Aura Ai-X with FFT ATLAS, Executive Vice President, Global Security Jim Viscardi said, “We are thrilled to showcase Aura Ai-X to customers at ISC West – a system that is already smashing the POD (v) NAR paradigm. Combined with FFT ATLAS, Aura Ai-X not only gets smarter every year, but is 100% ready, 100% of the time.”

• Deep Learning – annual event classification upgrades backed by FFT’s Global Data Library. Provides more confidence in system output and eliminates alarm fatigue.
• Cyber Assurance – rigorous and continuous cyber assurance testing to the highest international standards. Eliminates any risk to security credentials.
• Maintenance Contract – 24/7 system monitoring, management and support worldwide. No downtime. Never compromised. Always available.

“With FFT ATLAS is only available with the new Aura Ai-X system, customers are actively upgrading and take advantage of FFT’s Global Data Library which includes real-time detection and classification events captured from thousands of our global installations. We expect Aura Ai-X to become the number one solution for the smart protection of critical infrastructure worldwide,” Jim added.

FFT is exhibiting at ISC West (Booth #12121) alongside BQT Solutions and GJD Manufacturing as part of Ava Risk Group. BQT is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of high security access control technology, while GJD is an industry leader in the provision of optical security and intruder detection equipment.

About Future Fibre Technologies
Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) manufactures a complete portfolio of fiber optic sensing solutions for the protection and monitoring of high value assets and critical infrastructure. From perimeter intrusion and pipeline interference to condition and assurance monitoring and data network protection, FFT has more than 2,500 systems are installed globally. FFT is part of Ava Risk Group – a market leader in risk management technologies trusted by some of the most security conscious commercial, industrial, military and government customers in the world. www.fftsecurity.com