Future Fibre Technologies Wins Military Physical Network Security Contract

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), the world leader in fiber optic intrusion detection, has been awarded another contract for the physical protection of highly sensitive communication and data networks at a US military facility.

Utilizing the FFT Secure Link™ system as an “alarmed carrier” Protective Distribution System (PDS), this installation will protect SIPRNET data links between facilities against illegal interference or data tapping, as well as unauthorized physical disturbance.  SIPRNET is the high-security network used by the US Military and State Department for transmission of secret communications.

According to Emmett McGrath, Secure(it) Program Manager for CSC/WESCO, “The FFT solution is perfect for metropolitan networks or military networks that require real-time notification of intrusion attempts.” McGrath adds “Secure Link is a cost-effective alternative to conducting periodic visual inspections and provides real-time notification of the precise location of intrusion attempts.  The system eliminates the need for expensive alternatives.”

This new contract comes on top of the recent sale to a large Asian telecommunications carrier of an  Secure Link™ system to protect critical data cables. This Asian telecommunications carrier has installed a number of FFT Secure Link™ systems in recent years, with discussions underway for FFT to provide intrusion proof systems to protect additional sensitive military networks in Asia.

FFT continues to build its impressive record of success and global experience in protecting sensitive government, military and commercial data and communications infrastructures against both deliberate and accidental damage.

These clients recognized the advantages of the FFT Secure Link™ system including its high performance, flexibility of its overall design, regional technical support capability and FFT’s global experience were the critical winning factors.