Introducing Aura Ai-XS: Setting a New Standard in Short Perimeter Intrusion Detection.

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), an industry-leading provider of cutting-edge perimeter security solutions, is proud to introduce the latest innovation in intrusion detection technology at ISC West 2024: Aura Ai-XS. This ground-breaking solution is specifically designed to safeguard perimeters spanning up to 10 kilometres (6 miles) with unparalleled precision and reliability. Designed with small facilities in mind, Aura Ai-XS represents the very best of short perimeter intrusion detection systems.

“Aura Ai-XS was designed and manufactured specifically for customers with smaller facilities in mind. While it offers all the cutting-edge capabilities of our leading Ai-X deep learning system, Ai-XS is tailored to provide unrivalled protection for shorter perimeters at a lower price point.” Jim Katsifolis – Chief Scientist, Future Fibre Technologies

The embedded deep learning engine drastically reduces nuisance alarm rates (NAR) while maintaining the highest probability of detection (POD) in the industry to date. This advancement sets a new industry standard, making traditional, sensitivity threshold and hand-coded systems outdated, unreliable, and most importantly, vulnerable.

Unmatched Benefits of Aura Ai-XS

Unrivalled Performance: Achieving remarkable event classification accuracy, with a near-zero NAR and PODs consistently surpassing 95%. Our embedded deep learning technology effectively minimizes nuisance alarms ensuring a future free from alarm fatigue.

Embedded Deep Learning Engine: Leveraging our global data library, ATLAS, to provide regular Deep Learning model updates to keep improving and ensure your site, assets and people are being protected by the most up to date technology and data available.

Ease of Installation and efficiencies: Aura Ai-XS is designed with simplicity in mind, streamlining the installation process. Integrators will find it remarkably quick to set up, significantly reducing deployment times. Likewise, traditional security systems often require extensive civil works, increasing project costs and timelines. Aura Ai- XS minimizes the need for such works, keeping both labour and material costs at a minimum.

Aura Ai-XS Features

  • Real-time simultaneous detection on two channels for enhanced security.
  • Fence-mounted fibre optic sensing covers distances of up to 10 kilometres, 5 kilometres per channel. Intrusion detection accuracy within ± 2 meters (6.5 feet).
  • Cut resilience and redundancy ensure system reliability.
  • No electronics or power required in the field, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Intrinsically safe, immune to EMI/RFI, and lightning-proof.
  • Compact (4RU) state-of-the-art opto-electronics for efficient space utilization.
  • Lower total cost of ownership compared to alternative technologies.
  • Cyber secure with third-party penetration testing and STIG compliance.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty and an impressive MTBF of over 250,000 hours.

Aura Ai-XS offers organizations unrivalled reliability, precision and security for their sites and assets. Imagine a future where your perimeter intrusion detection system adapts to your needs seamlessly, where security doesn’t compromise on simplicity and functionality. Where you have total peace of mind, knowing your premises, the people and your assets are safe.

Welcome to Aura Ai-XS – delivering results that matter.