FFT Secure Link is the most advanced fibre optic network security monitoring system available.

Detects and locates unauthorised interference and illegal tapping to within 25 metres along FFT approved secure fibre optic data networks – up to 80km long in a ring configuration – with a single controller.

Multiple controllers are networked to monitor local and long haul networks.

  • Sensitive government data networks
  • Intelligence organisations
  • Diplomatic missions
  • Banks
  • Military bases
  • Real-time early warning of unauthorised tapping activities and TPI
  • A single system protects up to 80km optical path length
  • Pinpoint the location of the interference to 25 metres on FFT approved installations.
  • Detects activities before the network is damaged or data compromised
  • No electronics or power in the field

A major Asian communications carrier had an issue with main communication trunk cables being buried quite shallow, and usually running down the centre of streets. When road construction or repairs occurred, often the cables were damaged by the actual sawing through the road surface, or by an excavator. The subsequent outage took time to repair, and the carrier was financially penalised for failing to meet the network availability requirements. FFT Secure Link was installed to detect this third party interference activity at the set up stage, and send out a crew before the cable was damaged. The payback time of the Secure Link system was in weeks.

An Asian Government was suspicious that sensitive information on a secure network was being eavesdropped and data illegally tapped off. FFT Secure Link was installed in 2004 and confirmed that interference and illegal tapping was occurring, giving a precise location so that appropriate action could be taken.

A Defence Department has a secure fibre optic communications network ring that runs around a major capital city, allowing taxation, immigration, security, police, and various military departments and agencies to share information with each other. This network runs through public ducts along with regular telephone cables. Being fibre optic, it was always considered to be untappable and therefore totally secure. Subsequent testing and research confirmed that this was not the case. FFT Secure Link was installed onto this network in 2003, and since then, has accurately located a number of unauthorised interference events, preventing potential damage.

A major international bank had its data processing facility on the ground floor of a multi-storey building, and their banking staff located on the 12th floor. A floor in between housed a competitor. The main riser cable ran in a vertical shaft from the ground floor to the top of the building, passing through each floor. After a number of incidences of unexplained data loss, FFT Secure Link was installed onto this cable. It immediately detected and located exactly where this interference was occurring.


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