FFT Secure Pipe detects and locates intrusions and Third Party Interference anywhere along thousands of kilometres of buried pipeline, in real-time, before damage occurs.

Subject to FFT testing and approval, Secure Pipe can use existing fibre optic communications cable as the sensor, dramatically reducing the installation cost and time, yet still detect and locate an intrusion to within 5 metres on FFT approved installations, regardless of the pipeline length.

The advanced signal processing in FFT’s pipeline security solutions prevent nuisance alarms, whilst maintaining maximum sensitivity to legitimate interference events.

  • High risk oil, gas, chemical and water pipelines
  • Underground power
  • Provides valuable real-time early warning of TPI activities
  • A single pipeline security system protects up to 40km (25 miles) of sensor cable length
  • Uniform distributed fibre optic sensor detects activities before the pipeline is damaged
  • No electronics or power in the field
  • Intrinsically safe

NYSEARCH (USA) – The Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) identified that the majority of pipeline incidents are caused by “damage by outside force”. Property damages alone for over 300,000 miles of transmission pipe in the U.S. can cost operators millions of dollars annually. This being a high priority area, NYSEARCH installed an FFT Secure Pipe™ system in 2003 along a high pressure gas pipeline at a test site in New Jersey, USA.

Client Quote:
“The PSE&G test site in New Jersey has been in place for over two years and has experienced many field tests using many types of excavating equipment. During that time, FFT has been able to resolve all site and system related problems, to the point, where the system is providing reliable and accurate locate data (well within 150 meters). We believe that the PSE&G site offers a wide range of diversity including soft and rocky soils, trafficked roadways, residential/commercial districts, unusually deep HDD sections and is probably one of the most difficult and challenging sites that FFT Secure Pipe™ will encounter. To date, no nuisance alarms have been produced by nearby excavating equipment. Yet the system sensitivity is such that many alarms recorded are caused by pipeline survey and other vehicles driving over the cable. NYSEARCH believes that this technology is critical to safe guard our pipelines and to assure the integrity of our natural gas pipelines”.

British Petroleum (Europe) – Had a requirement for a third party intrusion detection system along sections of a 1,700km crude oil pipeline that passed through a number of mineral spring areas. Any sort of pipeline damage leading to a crude oil leak would have a catastrophic effect on both the environment and the revenue created from selling the pristine mineral water, so pipeline protection was mandatory. FFT Secure Pipe has been installed on the most critical sections first, with plans to roll the system out to additional pipeline sections over the next few years. Being able to utilise the existing fibre optic communications cable already installed alongside the pipeline makes FFT Secure Pipe an extremely cost effective solution for long distance pipelines such as this.

Asian Natural Gas company – in a highly populated country, they needed a way of monitoring main Natural Gas pipelines against accidental damage by earthmoving and construction equipment to eliminate potentially catastrophic accidents. They ran extensive tests on the FFT Secure Pipe system, and concluded that the system not only did everything FFT said it would do, but they were getting location accuracies considerably better than the published specifications! FFT Secure Pipe™ is being progressively implemented across the country.

European Natural Gas company #1 – Pipeline monitoring 30km of main gas pipeline against intrusions and third party interference. A single FFT Secure Pipe system was installed in 2003, meeting all of the customers’ expectations and requirements. The system was delivered on time, commissioned on time, and they have experienced no failures or problems since acceptance.

European Natural Gas company #2 – Due to a number of recent incidences throughout Europe, the Government mandated that any new high pressure main gas pipelines must have some sort of detection or protection systems to prevent accidental damage or Third Party Interference (TPI) causing a major explosion and the subsequent loss of life and property damage. The options for their new pipeline were to cover it with a cement slab or have an active solution such as FFT Secure Pipe. Even including the supply and installation of the sensor cable, FFT Secure Pipe was only a fraction of the cost of any alternative options, yet provided pinpoint location accuracy over the entire pipeline, in real time.