Conveyor Health Monitoring

Using real-time data to enhance asset management, improve reliability and introduce exciting new predictive capabilities

Conveyor systems play a crucial role in underpinning efficiency and ultimately profitability in bulk handling operations globally. Conveyor maintenance has traditionally been a real problem, with conventional methods of advanced conveyor failure detection often unreliable, subjective, time-consuming and labour intensive.



How does it work?

Aura IQ is a low cost, highly reliable solution for monitoring, measuring and detecting conveyor roller health – with no power required at the point of measurement.

Aura IQ transmits a series of short, laser pulses along a single fibre optic cable retrofitted along the length of a conveyor. Acoustic disturbances from the conveyor system cause microscopic changes in the backscattered laser light that is then categorised into known parameters.

Data is simultaneously gathered from every metre of the conveyor and processed by Aura IQ to pre-emptively alert operators, either on or off-site (in operational hubs or control rooms), to potential failures before they happen. This includes:

  • Detecting a broken ball or a cracked cage in a ball race
  • Observing and tracking idler bearings as they progressively wear, and
  • Predicting potential bearing seizures and prioritising roller replacements at the next maintenance shut down.

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