Conveyor Health Monitoring

Using real-time data to enhance asset management, improve reliability and introduce exciting new predictive capabilities

Conveyor systems play a crucial role in underpinning efficiency and ultimately profitability in bulk handling operations globally. Conveyor maintenance has traditionally been a real problem, with conventional methods of advanced conveyor failure detection often unreliable, subjective, time-consuming and labour intensive.



How does it work?

FFT’s fibre optic technology is designed to detect and locate disturbances, intrusion attempts, tampering, and data tapping activities to within 5 metres along data networks. This can be applied anywhere from local data centre LANs to long distance WAN transport reaching thousands of kilometres in length.

By utilising the unused ‘dark fibres’ within the network cable, the solutions ensure absolute integrity of the data traffic as FFT does not intercept, process or monitor the data packets themselves. This allows customers with all levels of data sensitivity to monitor their networks without concern.

FFT offers solutions that pinpoint physical network disturbances and provide actionable alarms that enable network administrators to isolate the problem, reroute network traffic and respond to the threat, providing the visibility of the physical layer currently missed by their current network management and security platforms.

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