Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Location

Advanced perimeter intrusion detection & location from world leaders in fibre optic technology

Site security managers have the challenge of protecting their assets from ever increasing threats – with a need for fast, accurate real-time notification of perimeter security breaches.

These perimeters range from 50 meters to 500+ kilometers but require the same levels of protection, a high probability of detection with minimal nuisance alarms with a focus on reliability and integration capability.

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) offers a complete range of perimeter intrusion detection products suitable for every site.


Fibre optic cables can be attached to any type of fence to detect and pinpoint the location of disturbances including cutting, climbing and lifting. Utilising advanced signal processing, nuisance alarms can be minimised without compromising intrusion detection sensitivity.


Fibre optic cables can also be buried to detect and pinpoint the location of disturbances for sites with limited physical delineation. The cable is laid in a variety of patterns dependent on the performance requirements. FFT Covert buried solution can detect even the smallest vibration for example walking, crawling, digging or vehicle movement.

Why FFT?

FFT’s advanced range of fibre optic intrusion detection solutions need no power or electronics in the field reducing the overall infrastructure costs of a Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) solution. Furthermore, they are not susceptible to external electromagnetic interference such as RFI/EMI so are suitable for a wide range of sectors including Transportation, Governmental, Residential, Utilities, Oil & Gas and Military. Fibre optic PID solutions also offer excellent value for money – by utilising high quality optical fibre cable that has an expected lifespan of more than 20 years. In addition, the infrastructure and civils cost are a fraction of that of alternative technologies.

For high security sites, every second counts when it comes to identifying the location of an intruder – FFT’s advanced algorithm-driven processing capability can identify an intrusion with an accuracy of 3 to 4 metres on a perimeter up to 60km in length, thereby enabling a swift response.

With a full suite of hardware and software and advanced integration capabilities FFT offers world leading solutions for protecting our clients’ perimeters.