Pipeline Protection

High performance pipeline protection from world leaders in fibre optic technology

Pipelines are susceptible to a range of threats from accidental or deliberate digging both manual or vehicle, to illegal tapping and tampering.

Operators require a solution that detects Third Party Interference (TPI) before the pipeline is breached or damaged.

Additionally, there is often a prerequisite for real time accurate location information to know exactly where to dispatch their security and maintenance staff to ensure a rapid response and minimum impact on their operations.

Key Benefits

  • Simple installation and virtually maintenance free operation delivers a cost effective yet flexible pipeline protection solution without compromising on performance.
  • Detect digging activities and vehicle movements occurring above the pipeline—before the pipeline is breached or damaged.
  • Know exactly where to dispatch your security and maintenance staff to ensure rapid response.
  • Each controller protects up to 110km of pipeline. Using FFT supplied or already installed fibre optic cable.
  • Locate a TPI or tapping event to within +/- 5 metres.
  • Powerful interfacing options through FFT CAMS™ to other FFT products, plus third party devices and systems.
  • FFT’s pipeline security systems are intrinsically safe.


The FFT Difference

FFT manufacture a range of pipeline protection products that detects and locates intrusions and Third Party Interference anywhere along thousands of kilometres of buried pipeline, in real-time, before actual pipeline damage occurs.

FFT utilises a fibre optic cable (new or existing) installed above the pipeline as the sensor, detecting and pinpointing the intrusion location.

FFT’s industry leading advanced signal processing minimises nuisance alarms, without compromising the sensitivity of the system.

The simple installation, reliability and maintenance free operation delivers a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).