High performance protection of cable infrastructure

Power cables are subject to a range of threats – from copper theft, malicious damage, to anchor drag. To make the fast and well informed decisions needed to protect cable infrastructure, operators require a proven solution that detects criminal activity, malicious attacks or accidental damage at the earliest possible stage.


  • Simple installation and virtually maintenance free operation delivers a cost effective yet flexible protection solution without compromising on performance.
  • Detects movements occurring on and around the cable before it is breached or damaged.
  • Identifies exactly where to dispatch security and maintenance staff to ensure rapid response.
  • Each controller protects up to 110km of cable using FFT supplied or already installed fibre optic cable.
  • Powerful interfacing options through FFT CAMS™ to other FFT products, plus third party devices and systems.
  • FFT’s cable protection security systems are intrinsically safe.


Using laser-based fibre optic sensing technologies along a cable, unauthorised or unplanned tampering, theft and disturbance events can be detected, located and managed along the entire sensitive area quickly and easily.

This advanced detection capability is not just limited to the cable itself. By configuring the system’s sensitivity appropriately, detection can extend anywhere in parallel to the sensitive cable.

The system can monitor copper, fibre and even physical adjuncts such as racks and trays for similar disturbances. System uptime and availability may also be improved by monitoring and anticipating accidental damage by anchor drops and boat activities, seismic or other intrusive human activity.