US Govt Facility upgrades to FFT Aura Ai-2

With an existing FFT perimeter intrusion detection system successfully protecting this high security US Government facility for several years, this long term client recently elected to upgrade to the latest generation FFT Aura Ai-2 technology.

A primary driver for the upgrade was the benefits that come with FFT Aura Ai-2’s real time simultaneous detection on two channels – which can be configured to provide cut resilience and redundancy. Although they had planned to also purchase a separate small zoned based fence sensor for an extension of the site, the two channel functionality of FFT Aura Ai-2 enabled the client to use the second channel to extend protection to a new area of the facility, with minimal changes to the installed fibre.

The FFT Aura Ai-2 system not only provided the expanded site with enhanced and unified total site perimeter protection, its long distance sensing capability will support any future perimeter extensions.