A youth detention centre in Northern Australia required a perimeter intrusion detection solution that could reliably operate in challenging environmental conditions while accurately detecting attempted escapes or incursions over a perforated metal fence. Advanced signal processing and algorithms were required to avoid nuisance alarms caused by the impact of monsoonal rain on the secure rigid metal fence.

With a 1.5km perimeter circled by a five-metre-high perforated fence with anti-climb curve topping, this detention centre required a perimeter intrusion detection system that could reliably detect attempted escapes or incursions in a tropical environment subject to heavy monsoonal rain. The customer needed a simple and effective user interface for operational staff and seamless integration with existing security systems on-site. A practical demonstration of system performance was also required prior to procurement.


  • Fence mounted perimeter intrusion detection
  • Seamless integration with VMS / CCTV
  • High detection and accuracy combined with Low Nuisance Alarms
  • Operate effectively in challenging tropical environment
  • Cost effective for both installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Intrinsically safe – no power in the field
  • Immune to RFI/EMI and lightning

Our Solution
FFT Secure Fence was tested by the customer and their security consultant and was found to satisfy all criteria. The FFT system was not affected by temperature and humidity changes, unlike some other systems and technologies that could not meet these stringent requirements. FFT Secure Fence was deployed with sensor cables attached to the upper part of the rigid metal fence at perforation points. FFT CAMS was deployed with zones set to enable intrusion alarms to be interfaced to relevant CCTV cameras around the site.

Customer Response
During site testing, various random intrusion alerts were conducted on all fence zones. Customer approval for the solution was received after FFT Secure Fence successfully detected the test intrusion alarms, seamlessly passing location details to the VMS which automatically triggered the nearest fixed CCTV camera.