Case Study | Istanbul Airport | Turkey

Istanbul Airport is the main international airport in Turkey and one of the largest transport hubs between Europe and the Middle East. All scheduled commercial passenger flights were transferred from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport on April 6, 2019. Once all phases of development are completed, the airport will be one of the biggest in the world and able to accommodate 200 million passengers a year.


With a perimeter of over 37km, the customer required a reliable, easy to install intrusion detection solution that could seamlessly integrate with its extensive video management system. The site’s perimeter is protected using ground radar and fixed CCTV cameras, as well as pan–tilt–zoom and thermal cameras. The active terminal building has an additional 11,000 CCTV cameras.

• Fibre optic fence mounted intrusion detection solution to detect climbing, cutting and ladder climb
• Full cut resilience and redundancy
• Real-time alarm/event notification
• Easy to install and integrate with existing video management systems
• High detection combined with Low Nuisance Alarms
• Immune to RFI/EMI and lightning

Our Solution

A number of FFT Aura controllers were installed to protect the 35km perimeter and configured with full cut resilience and redundancy to overcome sabotage of the fence mounted fibre optic cable. FFT Aura was successfully commissioned, with intrusion alerts highlighted on a site map using FFT CAMS graphical user interface. Integration with the existing video management system enabled the control centre to visually verify intrusion alerts using the extensive network of CCTV cameras on-site.

Customer Response

To test the effectiveness of the perimeter intrusion detection solution, the customer conducted extensive FFT Aura Acceptance Testing during which intrusion simulations were conducted along the perimeter. FFT Aura successfully detected all intrusions
and seamlessly communicated the information to the video management system which triggered the closest CCTV camera to verify the alarm. FFT’s experience monitoring airports around the globe was a key factor in securing this significant project, with the customer committed to maximising system performance with software upgrades and extensions.