Aura Ai-X selected to protect 130km pipeline at South American copper mine

  • Aura Ai-X to protect new 130km pipeline at large copper mining operation
  • Pipeline will carry sea water to desal plant supporting more sustainable production
  • Construction to commence in 2024 with commissioning scheduled for 2025

Future Fibre Technology (FFT) has secured a contract to protect a new 130km pipeline at one of the world’s largest copper mines in South America. The contact is valued at approximately US$1.8 million (A$2.7 million). This contract win was announced to the ASX and Ava Group shareholders on 20 December 2023.

Critical to operations, the pipeline will carry sea water to a desalination plant as part of the international mining company’s commitment to more efficient and sustainable production processes.

Located in a heavy populated valley, Aura Ai-X will monitor the pipeline for possible threats and accurately alert the mining operator to the location of any security potential breaches.

Commenting on the new contract, Ava Risk Group CEO Mal Maginnis said, “FFT has been in the business of long-distance pipeline protection for many years. This experience, along with a site visit to an existing FFT customer installation, quickly convinced this international mining company that Aura Ai-X was the right solution for them. The latest generation Aura Ai-X technology, combined with our ATLAS deep learning subscription service, delivers detection accuracy that is second to none, with the lowest possible nuisance alarm rate. We look forward to working with this new customer as they expand their mining operations into the future.”

With unrivalled performance and exceptional event classification accuracy, Aura Ai-X delivers a leading Probability of Detection (POD) combined with the lowest Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR). The technology also features an embedded deep learning engine to enhance system performance by referencing algorithm upgrades backed by FFT’s global data library. Delivering the most advanced fiber optic based sensing solutions in the world, FFT’s technology is already protecting long-distance pipelines Asia, Europe and the Middle East against malicious intrusions.

About Future Fibre Technologies
Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) manufactures a complete portfolio of fiber optic sensing solutions for the protection and monitoring of high value assets and critical infrastructure. From perimeter intrusion and pipeline interference to condition and assurance monitoring and data network protection, FFT has more than 2,500 systems are installed globally. FFT is part of Ava Risk Group – a market leader in risk management technologies trusted by some of the most security conscious commercial, industrial, military and government customers in the world.