FFT Aura™ announced – High Resilience Perimeter Security

Future Fibre Technologies will launch its latest fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system at the ISC West show in Las Vegas this week.   The all new FFT Aura™ system delivers both sensitivity and flexibility in intrusion detection applications, providing multiple event detection, advanced signal processing, and pinpoint location accuracy.

FFT Aura™ is a premium, medium range, highly sensitive fiber optic intrusion detection system that can be applied to both fence mounted and buried applications.   It is designed to detect intrusions on most types of fences, and can be covertly buried in the ground across open areas to detect footsteps or a combination of both.   It’s so flexible that the same technology can also detect intrusions along buried assets and in data cable infrastructures.

In addition it can cater for critical sites demanding hardened solutions that require continuous operation in the event of a damaged or cut sensor cable.

Key FFT Aura™ features include:

  • * Sensitive enough to work on almost all fence types as well as covertly buried in the ground.  Users can even deploy both installation methods simultaneously with the one system
  • * Pinpoints the precise location of events to within 6 meters (20 feet) or better
  • * Advanced signal processing and event analysis minimizes nuisance alarms without compromising sensitivity
  • * Powerful interfacing to a broad range of security management through the FFT CAMS™ graphical user interface including intuitive multilingual screens with true client/server configuration, GPS integration and GIS mapping
  • * High resilience, high availability.  FFT Aura™  will continue to work up to the point of a sensor cable cut, or when configured bi-directionally, the sensor cable will continue to work to both sides of the cut point, providing full single cut protection
  • * Quick and easy to install and maintain using regular single mode fiber optic cable as the sensor
  • * Peace of mind with FFT’s global 24 month warranty backed up by their global network of offices providing after sales support in more than 50 countries.

FFT Aura™ is the latest addition to the FFT family of fiber optic intrusion detection systems, delivering the complete range of end-to-end PIDS solutions from the smallest to the largest, and now to the most demanding sites across the world.