FFT launches all NEW Secure Point™ system at ISC West

In response to the needs of the short perimeter market, the performance features of FFT Secure Point™ sets new standards, taking zoned fiber optic perimeter detection technology ahead of conventional 2 channel PIDS systems of the past.


FFT Secure Point™ is ideal for the perimeter protection of utility substations, solar farms, storage yards, pumping stations and block valve sites to name a few.

Developed to exceed the performance of traditional 2 channel fiber optic zoned PIDS systems, the key features of FFT Secure Point™ include:

  • Improved sensitivity – achieved by using interferometric detection techniques rather than less sensitive ‘speckle pattern’ detection technology.  This enables FFT Secure Point™ to be used on almost all fence types and styles including chain link, welded mesh and palisade with the same high levels of detection and effectiveness
  • Low cost, low power, and a small form factor, with 2 independent zones per controller.  Each zone can be up to 500 meters or 1,600 feet long
  • Employs FFT’s advanced signal processing and intelligent algorithms to minimize environmental nuisance alarms
  • Designed for easy out-of-the box installation and setup by laptop with the free wizard configuration software
  • Powerful interfacing options – TCP/IP, USB, as well as traditional Form C contacts
  • Optional splice free installation of fiber optic cables
  • Simple replacement for existing fiber optic intrusion detection systems
  • Peace of mind with FFT’s global 24 month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Flexible installation options – can be configured with individual controllers housed in NEMA 4 enclosures in the field, or rack-mounted in a secure control room up to 10km (6 miles) from the perimeter, linked by an insensitive fiber optic lead-in cable

FFT Secure Point™ is the latest product to be added to the FFT family of fiber optics, delivering end-to-end PIDS solutions from the smallest to the largest sites across the world.

As is standard for all FFT products, FFT Secure Point™ incorporates advanced signal processing to control nuisance alarms; an optional FFT CAMS™ graphical user interface including intuitive multilingual screens with true client/server configuration and powerful interfacing to security management systems; plus FFT’s global network of offices to provide outstanding levels of after sales support to installations in more than 50 countries.