FFT Aura™ high resilience perimeter security and pipeline protection technology on Show at ASIS 2013

The global leader in fiber optic intrusion detection and location systems Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) showcase its latest FFT Aura™ intrusion detection systems for long range and short range applications  at The ASIS International 59th Annual Seminar and Exhibits, (24 – 27) September, 2013

FFT Aura™ SR and FFT Aura™ LR are the latest addition to FFT’s family of fiber optic intrusion detection systems, delivering both sensitivity and flexibility in intrusion detection applications, as well as protecting buried pipelines and their contents against damage and theft.

ASIS-2013-FFT-AuraFFT Aura™ SR – short range sets the standard for detection sensitivity and resilience, delivering both sensitivity and flexibility. With key features that include: locating intrusions within 20ft, the ability to detect intrusions on most types of fences and its sensor cable cut-resilience, allowing the assurance of 24/7 continuous operation for any application.

FFT Aura™ SR system can be covertly buried in the ground across open areas to detect and track intruders on foot, in vehicles, and other intrusive activities such as digging with one FFT system.

The FFT Aura™ short range system applications range from: military bases, government facilities, critical infrastructures, open areas, buried assets to data cable infrastructures.

FFT Aura™ LR for long range provides valuable real-time warning of TPI activities, using a standard fibre optic cable as the sensor and can often use existing fibre optic communications cable as the sensor, dramatically reducing the installation cost and time, yet still detect and locate an intrusion to within 30ft on FFT approved installations, regardless of the pipeline length.

The key features for FFT Aura™ LR include: the ability to provide valuable real-time early warning of TPI activities, the ability to use a single pipeline security system to protect up to 25 miles of sensor cable length, the allowance of early warning of activities before the pipeline is damaged and the assurance of an intrinsically safe operation environment due to the fact that no electricity or power is required in the field.

FFT Aura™ LR applications range from high risk oil, gas, chemical, water pipelines and underground power.

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) systems are supported by a global network of expert technical support engineers and accredited partners located around the world, delivering technical support services in more than 55 countries.


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