FFT to protect second largest hydropower plant in the world

Building on FFT’s ongoing global success in safeguarding critical energy assets, the company has been selected to protect the second largest hydropower plant in the world.

Located on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, the plant will install Aura Ai-2 to monitor their 12km perimeter.

Since 1984, the plant has produced more than 2.8 million Gigawatts per hour – which is enough to supply the world for 45 days!

So why did this world leader in the production of clean and renewable energy select FFT’s intrusion detection technology above other solutions?

Because the Aura Ai-2 provides customers the highest levels of confidence and safety through a combination of market-leading detection performance, unsurpassed reliability and low total cost of ownership.

Congratulations to the FFT team in LATAM on another significant energy sector win.