With an FFT Secure Fence system, you can detect and locate intrusions on FFT approved installations on perimeter fences and country borders to as close as 10 metres.

A single FFT perimeter security system protects perimeters up to 80km long, and multiple systems can be networked to monitor complex sites and longer distances such as country borders.

FFT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced signal discrimination prevents nuisance alarms, whilst maintaining maximum sensitivity to intrusion events.

Secure Fence works equally well on Chainmesh, Chainlink, Weldmesh and Palisade style fences.

  • Military bases
  • Government facilities
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Power plants
  • Sea ports
  • Country borders
  • Airports
  • A single perimeter security system protects up to 80km of sensor length
  • Locate intrusions to 10 metres on FFT approved installations
  • Uniform distributed fibre optic sensor
  • No electronics or power in the field
  • Immune to EMI/RFI
  • Intrinsically safe

US Army – Perimeter protection of a sensitive base with a perimeter in excess of 13 miles. The site was remote, with no power available along the perimeter, numerous cameras to interface to, and inhospitable environmental conditions.

Client Quote:
“Numerous proposals were evaluated, and by far, FFT Secure Fence was the best proposal, best value, and as it turned out, was the lowest price. We were extremely impressed with FFT’s performance, timeliness, professionalism, as well as follow-ups after the work was completed. The system is the best we have seen or heard of to date. Every facet of the system met and/or exceeded our expectations”.

FFT Secure Fence is a perfect fit, and has operated very successfully since installation.

Department of Homeland Security, USA – perimeter protection of a highly sensitive facility, requiring unparalleled levels of detection with the lowest possible nuisance alarms. Seamless integration with cameras and an existing high level security management system was mandatory.

FFT Secure Fence was deployed and has been performing effectively since.

A USA Petroleum company required a high level security system including perimeter protection, closed circuit TV surveillance, access control, lighting control and incident recording for one of their refineries located on a headland that is exposed to salt spray and high winds. The site was designated as critical infrastructure by the US Government due to the importance of its product and potential appeal of the site to terrorist activity.

Client Quote:
“FFT’s Secure Fence system was selected because it offers the highest levels of detection, it locates the point of intrusion, is simple to install, is cost effective, is intrinsically safe and has an architecture that facilitated the integration of the CCTV systems, lighting controls and other sub-systems.
FFT’s Central Alarm Monitoring System (CAMS) was used as the primary control point for CCTV activation, lighting control and threat level management. FFT also played an integral part in assisting the other component manufacturers with the integration of their systems to provide a robust, flexible and easy to operate security system. The FFT Secure Fence system has proven to be highly effective in this demanding application”.