Future Fibre Technologies Secures Hialeah Water Treatment plant

Protection of a vital city asset  has been greatly enhanced by the installation of Future Fibre Technologies FFT Secure Point™ system.

The remote site in Miami-Dade County in Florida, USA, hosts the Hialeah Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant, and supports the city’s public water and sewer facilities. Being remote it presents an easy target for external threat.

‘We are conscious of the need to enhance security of such sites,’ noted the Project Manager from Jireh Systems & Technologies John Orozco.

“The deployment of Future Fibre Technologies FFT Secure Point™ system, has provided the enhanced security and peace of mind for both the City of Hialeah and its residents”. He added.

FFT Secure Point™ System secured the treatment plant perimeter of 5,656-feet (1720-metre),that consisted of 10 zones including two sliding gates. The FFT perimeter intrusion detection system is monitored from a control room at all times with FFT CAMS™ (Central Alarms Monitoring System) that is a key component of FFT’s fibre optic security detection and location systems.

For Hialeah Water Treatment plant, FFT worked in conjunction with Jireh Systems & Technologies, FFT’s local accredited system Integrator. The resultant installation is a complete intrusion detection system, using Future Fibre Technologies state-of-the-art interferometric detection technology with the FFT Secure Point™ system, to protect the long-term future and health of their water supply.

FFT Secure Point™ system is scalable and able to detect intrusions on shorter perimeter fences with as few as two zones – without the cost or need for power or electronics to be installed in the field.

FFT’s Manager for Latin America & Caribbean Market Ricardo Abreu, said “FFT Secure Point™ system commissioning & installation for the project were seamless.  Future Fibre Technologies – FFT Secure Point™ is the ultimate two-zone fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system, setting new standards for both sensitivity and the control of nuisance alarms. The introduction of such a cutting edge approach to protecting a vital City asset further enhances the reputation and capability of FFT and our complete family of fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection products. It has become the technology of choice  for end users; end-to-end intrusion detection solutions – from the smallest to the largest sites across the world”.

“The FFT Secure Point™ system simple installation, reliability and maintenance free operation delivers the customer the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), those features allowed Jireth Systems & Technologies to easily recommend this FFT perimeter intrusion detection system to the City of Hialeah as solution for the water treatment plant; as a simple security solution without compromise. We choose our integrators very carefully. FFT system integrators are FFT factory trained & certified, they are equipped with FFT’s technology installation technical know-how, where each system integrator also brings their own set of skills and services that allows us collectively to be able to meet and service the customer needs and offer them quality end-to-end security solutions”. He added

FFT delivers highly reliable and advanced, intrusion detection solutions for a range of industries from: Airports, Military, Defence, Oil and Gas, utility substations, industrial complexes, solar farms, construction sites and various other commercial industries.

Future Fibre Technologies global network extends across more than 55 countries, and has regional sales and technical engineering support offices in:  Australasia, Europe, the Middle East & North Africa, Americas, Latin America & the Caribbean, and India.


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