Future Fibre Technologies Strengthens its Central Alarms Monitoring System

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) releases a new enhanced version of FFT’s market-leading Central Alarms Monitoring System – FFT CAMS™ 3 v3.9.5 with more advanced features and an easier user experience.

FFT CAMS™ is a key component of FFT’s fibre optic security detection and location systems; designed to display, monitor and control alarm signals from individual or multiple FFT Sensing Controller units.

FFT’s Central Alarm Monitoring System – FFT CAMS™ seamlessly integrates intrusion detection systems with, video surveillance, third party devices, as well as high level security management and access control systems; providing FFT’s end-users with a simple to understand yet extremely powerful alarm monitoring system. The system also allows for dry contact or digital inputs from, and outputs to external devices such as access control systems and third party sensors.

FFT CAMS™ 3 v3.9.5 key features include:  ‘Super client’ that was designed to connect to and control multiple FFT CAMS Servers to help FFT customers centralize their FFT PIDS security monitoring and manage multi-sites perimeter intrusion detection systems with greater simplicity. The latest enhancements also allows FFT CAMS to Interface with G4S Symmetry, Geutebruck, Genetec and Omnicast integrations, Loopback sensor and many other software upgrades.

The latest FFT Central Alarms Monitoring System enhancements demonstrates FFT’s continued commitment to improving end-user experience without adding complexity, and delivering FFT’s customers with the latest systems to meet the evolving technology landscape.


For more information on FFT CAMS™: Click here