Transport integrity monitoring and management

FFT’s fibre optic sensing solutions allow transport operators to monitor, classify and report on traffic and transport infrastructure with real time visibility of activity, as well as review historical events and trends across networks. Operators are able to monitor rail and road infrastructure for:

  • train tracking and comprehensive trackside security and protection
  • trains operating outside expected parameters
  • the status of trackside machines such as generators
  • intruding personnel, landslide and rock fall events – alerting on-route trains to prevent incident, and
  • speed and density of traffic, congestion and traffic disruption from broken down vehicles.


  • Simple installation and virtually maintenance free operation delivers a cost effective yet flexible real time monitoring solution without compromising on performance.
  • Identifies exactly where to dispatch security, maintenance or safety staff to ensure rapid response.
  • Each controller protects up to 110km of cable using FFT supplied or already installed fibre optic cable.
  • Powerful interfacing options through FFT CAMS™ to other FFT products, plus third party devices and systems.
  • FFT’s transport monitoring systems are intrinsically safe.